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How to become a locksmith

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One of the oldest professions around, the art of locksmithing has seen many changes throughout the years. Constantly evolving to meet the ever increasing security needs of our populations, this time tested profession is responsible for keeping you and your possessions safe.


Responsible for so much more than just making copies of your keys and helping you get back into your home or vehicle when locked out, locksmiths have learned to grow and adapt to ever evolving technology and security needs.  As a member of the profession, you will install service and replace locks and security systems for residential homes, businesses, vehicles, safes and vaults, and will find yourself becoming an expert with the tools and technologies of the trade.


So, what skills should you possess if you’re looking to get into the locksmithing and home security technician profession?  You should be detail oriented and pride yourself on your creative problem solving abilities.  You are persistent when it comes to solving issues and you like to learn and understand how things work and you like a job that allows you to be hands on.


The first step in becoming a lock smith and home security technician is to gain training and experience in the field. There are a number of educational courses that are offered, where you will learn the baseline skills needed to enter the trade. Once your education is complete, it’s time to get some hands-on experience.  Working for a reputable, trusted company such as Pop-A-Lock will give you experience and exposure to the industry, and as you grow in your career,  the potential for franchise opportunities if you are interested in being your own boss.


To learn more about the locksmith industry, the services that Pop-A-Lock offers and franchising, visit We provide comprehensive training and infield support.  Our team provides a variety of locksmith related services; commercial buildings, automotive diagnostics and key makes and residential home solutions.

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