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Home Security Improvements that are Actually Not Very Effective

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Home Security Improvements that are Actually Not Very Effective

We all want to make our homes as safe as they can be, but be careful about rushing to make improvements to your home security. Some home security improvements aren’t as effective as they may seem. Here are some home security measures that aren’t really very effective at all, and some more effective alternatives.


Leaving lights on


If you leave a light on in your home to deter burglars, you are putting your faith in the notion that burglars strike under the cover of darkness. You are also one of many people who think that one or two lonely lights will fool a determined burglar. The truth is, most burglars watch a house long enough to determine whether a light on is due to a person being home. A better option is to put lights on a timer which will turn them on and off at various times, which is a much more realistic scenario for having people in the house.


Advertising your security system


Whether you post one of those security signs on a stick in your front yard or hang a ‘beware of dog’ sign on your front door, you probably think burglars will see these and run a mile. Nope--the truth is, if you advertise your security system, you are telling burglars all they need to know to bypass it. A smart burglar can find out how your system works if they know what you’re using, so make your security system as discreet as possible. Cameras and other equipment shouldn’t be too obvious or burglars may just know just how to disable them.


Relying on a lockbox to keep your valuables safe


Lockboxes are great for securing items in your home, but if your lockbox is easy to find, what’s stopping thieves from just taking the box and leaving you empty-handed? If you really want to use a lock box, you should have one bolted to the floor or hidden somewhere inside your home where a thief is not likely to look. Of course, a bolted down or professionally installed fireproof safe is even better, especially if it’s placed somewhere out of the way.


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