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Holiday Road Trip Tips

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Holiday Road Trip Tips

Road trips and the holiday season go together like Santa and his elves. If you have to journey near or far this holiday season, keep these road trip tips in mind for a safer, more sane journey.


Make sure your car is in tip top shape


Don’t put off routine maintenance until after the holidays; nothing ruins the season more than an unexpected breakdown with the entire family in the car. At a very minimum, check your tires, oil and brakes before heading off on any trip.


Plan ahead for bad weather


Check the weather for the location you’ll be travelling to and through. Just because it’s sunny and warm where you are now doesn’t mean it won’t be snowing at Grandma’s house. Pack your winter survival kit with items like jumper cables, extra blankets, snacks, a first aid kit and some sand or cat litter in case you run into ice and need some extra traction.


If the weather is meant to be bad, consider just holing up in a motel until it improves. It’s not worth risking your life just to stay on schedule.


Keep the kids entertained


All the excitement of holidays can make kids rambunctious and irritable, especially if they are cooped up in the car for long hours. Try to plan ahead and bring plenty of distractions, but dish them out slowly. If you have a DVD player in the car, bring a selection of old favorites as well as one or two new movies to keep them enthralled.


Keep roadside assistance on speed dial


You never know when you might need them, and you don’t want to be searching for their number in the middle of the night on a dark and dangerous highway. Keep their number in your contacts list, and keep a charger in you car to always ensure you have a charged phone in your possession.