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Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween is a fun time for kids and grownups, but it can also be a dangerous one. Keep yourself and your family safe with these Halloween safety tips.


Trick or Treating

  • Always make sure your child is visible while walking from house to house. If they are wearing a dark-coloured costume, attach some reflective stickers or glow sticks to them, so cars will be aware of their presence. Flashlights are also a good idea.
  • Have an adult supervise trick or treaters; don’t leave that job up to older siblings who may get distracted and lose track of their younger brothers and sisters.
  • Stick to well-lit areas that you are familiar with, and remind children to never enter someone’s home in order to get candy.
  • Masks can make it difficult for a child to see properly. Use face paint instead, or just put the mask on once your child has stopped walking.

Car safety

  • Drive extra carefully. Children may be trick or treating anywhere, and they often fail to watch for cars as they hurry from house to house.
  • If you drive your children to a different neighbourhood for trick or treating, you may want to park and walk inside the neighbourhood. If you do, be sure park in a well-lit space and lock your doors.
  • Put your headlights on before it starts to get dark. This will make your car more visible and may help trick or treaters see you coming.

Halloween decorations and lighting

  • If you have Halloween decorations in your front yard or on your doorstep, be sure that they can be seen easily, even in the dark. You don’t want trick or treaters tripping over them, so be sure to secure cords carefully, too.
  • Only use lights that are made to be used outdoors. Indoor lights could pose a shock hazard, and you only want to frighten your visitors, not electrocute them.