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Get Your New Year Started With A Security Audit

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Did you know that Pop-A-Lock offers free security audits for your home or business. Our audits are performed by professional security expects, our locksmith technicians. Our techs are trained to handle all aspects of security and have a very comprehensive checklist that will be sure to leave no stone unturned.


Our security audits are designed to make sure that you home, business, or even school is ready to handle anything that the world can throw at it. We want your locks to be in full functioning order, your windows and doors to be secure, and your alarms system working at 100% capacity. These are things that Pop-A-Lock of Ottawa is aiming to accomplish. These audits are completely free and we can provide an invoice for anything that needs to be done after the audit is complete. So, not only can we come by and get the audit complete, but we can help you with any issues that we find during the audit.


Give our 24 hour service line a call. 613-241-2323 has operators on stand-by 24 hours a day. This is what makes Pop-A-Lock of Ottawa the best name in the business. Our dedication to you stands alone.