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Furry Friends Rescued as Pop-A-Lock Saves Pets

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Furry Friends Rescued as Pop-A-Lock Saves Pets

We love pets at Pop-A-Lock. We also know that when pets are locked in cars (either accidentally or intentionally), this is potentially fatal – either because of the risk of heat stroke in the summer or hypothermia in the winter. Our PAL Saves Pets Program was designed to help prevent these types of tragedies from occurring and to help save our furry friends. If a pet is locked in a vehicle, we will provide emergency door unlocking services free of charge.

Here are a few rescues we’ve made over the year.


Alexe and her dog, Barbie, ran into a little issue of a locked door. Luckily, Pop-A-Lock was there to help, and we got the door opened in no time.



When we heard that a dog got locked in a car in Ottawa, we were eager to help owner, Amanda, her friend Noemie, and her dog, Ryder, out of their tricky situation. Amanda was pleasantly surprised to find out our services were free because the dog was locked in the car. Here they are smiling after Ryder was safe from the hot car.


Oh no! Sailor was accidentally locked into his owner’s Mini! After several calls to other sources, no one was willing to try to open his vehicle. When he reached out to Pop-A-Lock, we were able to determine a way to open the vehicle, and to the owner’s relief, we were able to get Sailor out.



One of our Technicians, Tyler, successfully rescued a couple of adorable dogs locked in the car.  Glad these pups are OK and we were able to help out.



We opened a door for free after an owner accidentally locked her cat in a room. Happy ending!



If you ever see a pet locked in a car, call the police and then call your local Pop-A-Lock. We will unlock the car for free. To learn more about our Emergency Door Unlocking service, click here.