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Evaluate your security needs with a commercial security audit

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Evaluate your security needs with a commercial security audit

It’s a good idea to regularly evaluate the security of your facility. Pop-A-Lock and their team of security professionals will help you determine the appropriate system necessary for creating a safer environment for your employees, customers, vendors and visitors.


In analyzing your current security standards, four main issues will be addressed.

  1. Future plans:  In looking at your short, mid, and long-term vision for an efficient access control system? Is your vision scalable to support changes to your business (i.e. mergers and acquisitions)?
  2. Your current system: What investments have already been made? Can you upgrade it if need be?
  3. Asset control: What assets do you currently have and what value do these assets have in relation to your operation or business? These can include computers, patient/customer records, client data etc.  Consider whether your assets have changed or require higher levels of security?
  4. Credentials: What type of credentials is your company using and how many have been distributed? What format are they and how do you ensure that there are no duplicate ids?

By inviting one of Pop-A-Lock’s security professionals into your facility they will be able to observe and provide valuable information that will help determine procedures and rules in granting and limiting access controls.

During the audit your Pop-A-Lock security professional will assist with the following:

  1. Identification of mechanical security issues: If openings aren’t mechanically secure, then spending money on electronic access control will not be effective. A Pop-A-Lock professional can alert you to these issues.
  2. Identification of assets and value: Understand that assets aren’t just physical items that can be stolen. Remember that loss of productivity due to the loss of the asset is also something to be considered.
  3. Identification of threats:  What has changed in your surroundings? Be vigilant in identifying potential issues.
  4. Evaluation of facilities:  Consider the limitations or history of the building and work to find a security solution that fits your needs.
Once a complete audit has been performed, your security expert will help make suggestions on how to avoid increased security risks and concerns.  Search on by city name or postal code and connect with a security professional.