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Don't panic over panic hardware. Exit Devices 101 from your trusted locksmith @ Pop-A-Lock.

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Don't panic over panic hardware.  Exit Devices 101 from your trusted locksmith @ Pop-A-Lock.

What is it?


The idea of panic hardware might be panic inducing to some, but in all reality, this specific form of hardware provides buildings with a safety measure – that hopefully won’t be needed but is important to have in the case of an emergency.


Commonly installed, this hardware is designed to provide building occupants with a fast and easy exit (egress) in the event of an emergency. But is it a requirement?  Panic hardware is required by code for a few occupancy types. Most recent legislation requires occupancy types with 50 people of more,  however newer editions of the International Building Code (IBC) have specifications that make it worth referencing on an individual basis.  Here is a great resource for all types of specifications.


These door components are designed to allow fast exit and are typically found on hallway doors where fire requirements compartmentalize spaces to assist in the control of heat, smoke or fire in commercial, building, hotel or hospital settings.  They require no special knowledge to use them – you simply push a rod, bar or other activator, the latch mechanism retracts and the door is easily pushed open. Where they differ from a typical door lock, is that they are designed to allow exit without the use of any form of key.


Selecting your hardware


If you have determined that you need to have panic hardware installed, there are a number of options to select from with considerations ranging from door style to functional requirements. Common styles include the touchpad style, crossbar style and recessed style, however consideration should be given to whether it will be used on a single door or a pair. Furthermore, functional requirements should be considered, as well as options such as trims and controls, finishes and electrified. For a full breakdown of available styles, contact Pop-A-Lock and speak to a knowledgeable team member.


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