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Dangers of Keeping Pets in COLD Cars

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Dangers of Keeping Pets in COLD Cars

When it’s cold outside, your pets should be tucked up safe and warm at home, not dragged out into the cold and left in your freezing car while you run errands or visit friends. Here’s why cold cars are a serious danger to your pets.


Cold weather worsens some medical conditions


If your pet suffers from arthritis, he’ll be miserable in a cold car. The freezing temperatures can cause your pet’s bones to ache painfully, and the low temperatures could leave your pet susceptible to catching colds and other illnesses as their bodies fight to stay warm.


Dogs with heart conditions may struggle especially in cold weather. The cold temperatures can slow circulation and put your dog’s already weak heart under unnecessary strain.


Cold cars become like refrigerators


Just as your car becomes like an oven in the summertime, it becomes like a refrigerator in the winter, cooling down rapidly and remaining very cold until you come and turn the engine back on. Young, old or small pets can lose body heat very rapidly in these conditions and suffer from hypothermia and frostbite. They can even die if left for too long, so don’t take any chances.


 If you have to bring your pet in the car


If you have to bring your pet in your car during freezing conditions, take precautions to keep him safe. Keep the time you leave your pet alone to a minimum, and make sure he has warm blankets to snuggle in while you’re gone.


Consider putting an insulated ‘travel kennel’ in your car to give your dog further protection from the cold while you’re travelling. Put warm blankets in the kennel and your pet can snuggle inside to keep warm in the car. It can also help prevent your pet’s water from freezing while you’re running errands.