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Customer gets taken advantage of and attacked at scene. Unacceptable !!!

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Reposted from Facebook - March 4th, 2019

We remind everyone, that there are some nasty locksmith scammers around. They quote a ridiculous low price and then sting the customer when they arrive.  Do not get taken advantage of.  Next time you need a locksmith, confirm the following:
  • Reputable company (based on website quality), Customer Review and phone manner
  • No one will charge you $15 for the service call.  The alert needs to go up right then and there
  • Confirm your total price; service call + lockout, or other services.  You should never have to pay anything else, unless something gets discovered on the job out of the ordinary
  • Branded/Marked vehicle
  • Uniformed employee
  • Credentials/ID
  • Travel time and a way to stay connected to the locksmith with regular updates


So I feel like I should post this for all of my Facebook friends to see & beware of what happened to me today so close to home... ( long post )


This morning as you all saw , I made a post about locking my keys in my Jeep at a Petro station in Bradford. My whole house was at work & I had no one who could bring me my spare so I did a quick google search of lock smiths in the area and finally called one who seemed to have good pricing. The company was called and had good reviews so I gave them a call . I was quoted 15$ for the service call and 35$ to have my vehicle unlocked so I asked them to send someone out. After waiting over an hour ( when I was quoted 30 mins ) I still hadn’t heard back from anyone and so I called them back and they apologized for the delay and offered to waive the 15$ fee. I was quoted another 30 min wait . After sitting at the gas station for over 2.5 hours I began to get frustrated so I called back once more and was told they were 5 mins away. 

Sure enough a man by the name of “ Omar “ got out of thus beat up little Chevy cobalt and shook my hand . I brought him to my Jeep and he told me “ easy fix , shouldn’t take me more then 5 mins “ so I said ok , how much is it ? ( thank god I double checked ) he replied saying it’ll be “ 185 $ “ immediately I’m like “ absolutely not , I will not pay that I was quoted 35 $ “....


After arguing back and forth in the parking lot for a couple of minutes I started feeling uncomfortable as he was becoming more and more aggressive and kept telling me to stop talking over him and that he drove 60 kms to help me and he needs me to pay him. I continually tell him no over and over but he wouldn’t stop .... I finally walked back inside the Petro station ( so that I was near people ) and started to call back the company to get to the bottom of this. On the phone I was told that for more complicated locks the price can go up ( anyone who knows me knows I drive a manual Jeep with no automatic locks so it literally doesn’t get simpler then that ).

After getting no resolution on the phone I decided to hang up the phone and tell Omar “ thank you but no thanks for your service I will find someone else to unlock my door “ . At this point he’s now in my face screaming and cornering me in the Petro station (all the employees just sat and watched in AWE instead of jumping in to help me - but that’s a whole other story - so now I’m starting to feeling extremely unsafe and I decided to lock myself in the bathroom as he would NOT leave me alone (he kept reaching for my phone as I had my visa and all my cards attached the back wallet part) . In the bathroom I call my mom , a friend and my boyfriend who tell me to not pay him anything and to call the police if he won’t stop . As I go to open the bathroom door to see if he’s finally gone he FALLS into the bathroom as he was eavesdropping on my conversations and is now in my face yelling at me again and trying to grab my phone because he realizes I’m now calling the police . I had to situate myself with a chair and table in front of me so that he couldn’t get close to me as he was seriously starting to scare me as I repeatedly told him to stop and stay away from me. As I call 911 he is literally an inch away from my face yelling profanities at me , calling me names ( I’m now crying at this point terrified of how no one was helping me ) . While I was on the phone he went outside and seemed to be taking pictures of my Jeep while on the phone with his manager . He comes back in once more and the dispatcher on the phone could hear him screaming at me as he began to kick and push the tables around in anger that I had , in fact called the police. I continue to give her the make and license plate of his vehicle and as soon as he heard that he put his finger in my face and called me a bitch before running outside to drive away.


I have literally never felt more unsafe in my entire life and still cannot imagine what would’ve happened had I not been in a public place. I placed a report with the police who will look into it .... however after about half an hour after the situation happened the website was already removed from the internet and numbers are no longer in service . After being traced all of the phone numbers & the license plate was all from Manitoba . So I now know this was 100% a scam. This happened at the Petro / A&W in Bradford on holland street W & 10th Sideroad.


This is a picture of his car ( my Jeep in the right of the picture ) the website and a similar article to a scam that also happened in Vancouver ! BE AWARE of these people . Scary situation for sure ....