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The World’s Most Trusted Locksmith Franchise

Pop-A-Lock began in 1991 when local law enforcement agents in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA recognized the need for a car locksmith in their community. Since then, Pop-A-Lock has grown to become one of the largest professional locksmith franchises in the world.

Pop-A-Lock has entered the Canadian market ready to expand nationally through a franchise network of people who are exceptional in customer service and passionate about locksmithing.

While we mainly focus on emergency locksmith services and car lockout services, we also offer a full range of services relating to every aspect of locksmithing.

In addition, we’re proud to have created the Emergency Door Unlocking (EDU) Program, a free community service dedicated to saving children and pets who are inadvertently locked in vehicles.

There are a number of distinguishing factors that make Pop-A-Lock stand out from our competition:

  • Our technicians are trained with the latest locksmith technology that makes the job more cost effective!
  • Uniformed technicians and marked vehicles!
  • All employees and franchisees are security compliant!
  • Pop-A-Lock will come to you on time!

Our Technology

Pop-A-Lock is at the forefront of the locksmith industry by utilizing the most advanced technology available.

Our state-of-the-art communications and mapping system ensure that the closest and most capable technician is always dispatched to perform any locksmith-related service that may be needed. In addition, Pop-A-Lock uses best-in-class electronic access systems to ensure durability of equipment, flexibility in programming access levels and substantial access tracking.

Pop-A-Lock is also closely allied with the leading researchers in automotive technology, ensuring that we have the latest and most effective tools for programming keys, remotes and immobilizer technology.

And perhaps most importantly of all, Pop-A-Lock uses a proprietary computer technology system that gives our technicians access to the most advanced, accurate and efficient methods to service all types of locks. Pulsar is unique to Pop-A-Lock and is not available in any form to other locksmiths.

That’s part of our commitment to utilize technology to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Our Partners

Professional Partners

At Pop-A-Lock, we partner with many companies throughout North America in order to provide better, faster and more efficient services to our customers. We value all our relationships and pledge to continue creating professional partnerships that will benefit our customers and our company. The following is a list of some of the outstanding companies that partner with Pop-A-Lock.